1.  How do I contact Jay Company?

Please visit our Contact Us page.

2.  Does Jay Company have a printed catalog?

At the present time we do not have a printed catalog.  Jay Company is focusing on our website as a tool to display our very extensive line of products.   Due to the vast diversity of products and our commitement to frequently develop and deliver new products to the market.

3.  Does Jay Company accept international orders?

Jay Company is very experienced in export procedures and we currently ship to our customers and their contractors in locations all over the world.  We will promptly respond to all inquiries with CIF pricing, delivery information, Pro Forma invoices and shipping details.

4.  How can I receive Jay Company's Trendy Trims via email?

Jay Company is consistently working to develop new products for our customers.  As new products are added to our line Trendy Trims emails will be sent to those customers who wish to receive this news.  Please sign up for our mailing list on our homepage.

5.  What is your privacy statement?

Please review our Privacy Policy to learn about our terms and conditions concerning privacy for governing your visit to our website.  Click here for our Privacy Policy

6.  What is my responsibility as a website customer?

By visiting jaytrim.com, you are accepting the practices and policies described in the the privacy notice and terms and conditions of this website.  Click here for our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

7.  What are your terms and conditons?

Click here for our Terms and Conditions.

8.  What are my payment options?

Jay Company offers NET 10 EOM terms to customers with credit approval.  For accounts who would like NET 10 EOM terms and have not received credit approval, Contact Us to request a credit application.  All shipments prior to credit approval will be shipped prepaid by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.  All credit card transactions will have a $3.00 handling charge.  All shipments to be billed and shipped internationally must be Cash Before Delivery.  Payment for international accounts is accepted via wire transfer paid against our pro-forma invoice.  We do not accept COD orders.

9.  What is your return policy?

  • All claims must be made within 5 days of receipt of goods.  NO RETURNS ARE ACCEPTED WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION.
  • All return authorization numbers are issued by your sales representative.
  • To ensure that our product meets the customers' needs, Jay Company insists that production orders should be placed only after a customer has sampled the product or has seen an actual swatch card.  Due to variations in image size and color, and possibly your need for testing, not production order should be placed based on images viewed on the website.
  • Jay Company reserves the right to impose a restocking charge for the handling of returns.

10.  What is your disclaimer?

Extreme care is exercised to furnish the highest level of quality control and proper color finish.  Stability of color and size depends on care when washing or dry cleaning and compatibility to fabric applied.  We recommend that each lot of a trim be tested on materials to which it is applied to ensure that it meets your specifications.  We cannot be responsible for damages after trim is cut or processed.  We suggest that you always test the trim to see if it meets your requirements.  In addition, we can only be responsible for the value of the trim purchased, and not for the value of your finished product.

11.  How do I get a password?

12.  What if I forgot my password?

13.  How can I find the product that I need?

14.  How do I convert metric measurements?

Some of our European trims are shown in widths that are listed in millimeters (mm) and are sold by the meter (mt).  The following is a sample conversion chart to help you convert the metric measurements.

1/4" = 6.35 Millimeters 3 Millimeters = .1181 Inches

1/2" = 12.70 Millimeters 5 Millimeters = .1968 Inches

3/4" = 19.05 Millimeters 7 Millimeters = .2755 Inches

   1" = 25.40 Millimeters 9 Millimeters = .3543 Inches

10 Millimeters = .3937 Inches

1 Meter = 39.3701 Inches 15 Millimeters = .5905 Inches

1 Meter = 1.09361 Yards 16 Millimeters = .6266 Inches

100 Meters = 109.361 Yards 20 Millimeters = .7874 Inches

22 Millimeters = .8661 Inches

1 Yard = .9104 Meters 25 Millimeters = .9842 Inches

100 Yards = 91.04 Meters 38 Millimeters = 1.4960 Inches

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